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Harry returns home – Conclusion about Kate

Harry returns home – Conclusion about Kate

Prince Harry, wife Meghan and Princess Kate in 2018.

Photo: Chris Jackson / AP TD News Agency

Prince Harry created the 2014 Invictus Games for paraathletes, an event where injured athletes compete in a variety of sports. It has now been confirmed that Harry will return to England next month for the tenth anniversary of the Games.

A spokesman for the Invictus Games says the prince will attend St Paul's Cathedral in London on May 8. However, it is uncertain whether Ms Meghan will accompany him on the trip.

– Court expert Tom Bower says I'd be surprised if Meghan comes.

It will be Harry's first visit to the UK since Princess Kate was diagnosed with cancer. But according to Bower, there will be no meeting between them.

– I'm pretty sure Harry won't meet Kate, Bower says.

“Deep Crack”

Another court expert, Richard Fitzwilliams, did not think Harry would meet Kate during the visit.

– Catherine is undergoing chemotherapy, and considering how deep the rift is between the royal families, that seems highly unlikely. The only hope for reconciliation is if it happens privately and in a separate room, and we don't know about it, says Fitzwilliams.

However, he points out that serious illnesses “change everything” when it comes to family relationships.

Tom Bower, on the other hand, believes Harry will make a “huge effort” to meet the rest of the royal family in England so the prince can “reinforce his brand”.

— He will do all that his father can see when he sees the king, says Bower.

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