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Film Triss in LGBTQ When SAQMI Arranges Gay Movie Online – QX

The Swedish Archives of Moving Pictures, SAQMI, is organizing tomorrow (Wednesday 24 March) a gay movie online. During the evening, three short films will be shown, including the famous Night Train, which is about how two young people meet on the train.

Additionally, they were invited Jerry CarlsonWho directed the short films shown in the evening to talk about his films. Even the author You are Chavez Perez He will participate in the conversation.

Organizers wrote to QX: “While many LGBT people are isolated at home, we are instead seen online after dusk when one of the Swedish archives, Saqmi, shows movies and talks.”

Everything is done digitally and you share via ZOOM. The idea is to introduce a Queer community where you can listen and participate in conversations, because many definitely yearn for a little bit of social contact. Additionally, many LGBT people depend on physical meeting places, but this has become increasingly frugal during the pandemic.

The event starts at 19:00 and runs until about 21:30.

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