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Everything should be included in Nick Hornby's new novel -

Everything should be included in Nick Hornby’s new novel –

What happens if a 42-year-old white middle-class woman and a 22-year-old black working-class boy pair up? Nick Hornby tries to express this in his latest novel – but is not inspired by Lundgard’s Julia Capel’s Singolani.

Title: Just like you
Original title: Just like you
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Author:Nick Hornby
Previous books:
About a Boy (1998)
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Every Saturday morning, Lucy, the English teacher, engages herself in buying meat from a local butcher. The purchases will remain the same until one day a boy named Joseph, who is in a butcher shop, decides to hire her as a babysitter. Two sons.

Joseph is 22 years old Age and dreams of a career as a DJ and music producer. Like many Londoners his age, he has many jobs. Belonging to the English working class where nothing is free.

From the outside, there is Joseph And Lucy has nothing in common. She’s white, he’s black, she’s in the middle of her life, his life has just begun, she’s an English teacher, he’s a DJ, she’s against Brexit, he wants to vote to quit. Yet they cannot oppose each other. After Joseph’s first session as a babysitter, they begin an emotional love affair that they do not think will lead them or anyone around them anywhere. These are all in the shadow of Brexit, Trump and the increasingly polarized Britain.

Poll has a big place in the book and is a way to further emphasize the differences between the main characters. To Lucy and her friends, it would be completely unthinkable that everyone who knew Joseph Brexit would vote to leave. When Joseph admits to Lucy that he really does not know why Britain should stay or leave the EU, it turns out that she is not so sure of her arguments.

Despite Nick Hornby’s amazing ability to portray an entire world before the reader’s eyes, Joseph and Lucy do not feel real for some reason.

Just like you It’s about love, class, race and politics. Great campus for a good book. But despite Nick Hornby’s amazing ability to paint an entire world before the reader’s eyes, Joseph and Lucy for some reason do not feel real. I buy the passionate love and attraction that the author describes between the two characters. Lucy has not been allowed to lie for years, and here is a handsome young man who wants nothing more. I also buy Joseph’s “Milf” fantasy. But why do these people really want to be together Couple?

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In an interview, Nick Hornby says he got the idea for the book when he saw a white middle-aged man and a young black woman having fun with each other while he was in his butcher shop. He immediately thought they would not work in pairs and then questioned why he felt that way. It was from this thought that he began to write, and began to write the book. But the relationship between Joseph and Lucy feels artificial. Not because they belong to two different spheres of English society or because of such a large age difference, but because they do not share an interest. It is unbelievable that the football boy, who is addicted to mobile and dreams of becoming a house DJ, wants to be with a 42-year-old English teacher with two children.

Cover of Nick Hornby’s “Just Like You”. Photo: Bokförlaget forum.

The book feels A socio-political test to see how far these two can go. It becomes so exciting when their relationship is not perceived as real. Joseph’s character also seems to have been written with the help of a teacher’s guide on how a working class boy with an immigrant background is in his 20s. Lucy may seem a little more subtle, perhaps because Hornby is more at home in her world.

The author’s attempt If all the social problems in Britain are squeezed into the book, nothing really is investigated. The book’s treasure is the author’s wonderful language and funny and insightful side characters. Sometimes you want to know more about them than the main characters.

Just like you Delights the reading of a talented writer, but despite his ambitions it does not say much about the burning topics it addresses. So there is no need to put the last CSN of the month in this book. Borrow from the library instead.

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