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The largest animal may have been found in the Alps

The largest animal may have been found in the Alps

A team of researchers has excavated 205 million years old skeletons from the Ichthyosaurus at an altitude of 2,700 meters in the Swiss Alps.

– Dr. Haynes Fூரhrer, former supervisor of the Paleontological Institute in Zurich, one of the members of the research team, says that this is the largest ichthyosaurus ever found, with thick teeth and a large spine.

The teeth excavated in the Alps are said to be twice as thick as before Measured Ichthyosaurus is 15 m long.

The largest animal ever to exist was the blue whale Length over 30 meters. But the research team believes the finds in the Alps may be larger than the blue whale. However, the absence of many skeletal parts makes it very difficult to determine how large the animal actually is, according to the Mirror.

“The fossils of these large sea creatures may have been hidden beneath glaciers,” Dr. Martin Chandler of the University of Bonn wrote in a report on the discovery.

The largest ichthyosaur skeleton ever found is 21 meters long Reuters.

This species became extinct 90 million years ago

Ichthyosaurus resembled today’s dolphins in physique. This species became extinct 90 million years ago.

The 180-million-year-old skeleton of Ichthyosaurus was discovered in February 2021 in a natural reserve in Rutland, England. The spine is about ten meters long and the animal is called a “sea dragon” according to its natural reserve. Press release.

Igdosers originated in Britain – their fossils have been found here for over 200 years. Nevertheless, Dr. Dean Lomax of the University of Manchester, who led the excavations, said the skeleton was the largest ever found in Britain. DN.

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