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Create a team to program a new Bitcoin

Create a team to program a new Bitcoin

Hello Swiklockers,

I'm new here at Sweclockers and I want to see if we can become a Swedish team that creates a new Bitcoin. I can contribute knowledge of finance, currencies, proficiency in project management and I can also finance the entire project with servers and all costs. You will need one or a few programmers to join the team. We can discuss together exactly how to build the new cryptocurrency. I work in finance managing stocks and fiat currencies today are very poor as an investment/asset and also out of integrity for us the users. I am convinced that today's fiat currencies will disappear even as commodities in the near future. Who wants to have Swedish krona, euros or US dollars when there are better cryptocurrencies?

I believe that together we can optimally discuss how the technology behind this new encryption can be created.
My suggestion: a limited number of coins (limited supply) built on Proof of Stake (PoS) and a locked server as a validator holding 51% of all coins initially. This validator server must be out of control even for us founders and pre-programmed to distribute these coins to users over time. So that the auditor becomes less dominant and thus over time gives full control to the users. Thus, reliability can be high from the beginning, however, trust is required from users, but it is required regardless of whether you want to invest your money in a new coin. Over time, the need for trust diminishes, and instead it is completely taken over by users and the responsibility is distributed over lots of servers with different owners.

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If you are a programmer, please send me a message if you want to join in creating the next cryptocurrency.
– Programmer

I live in Gothenburg
-I can help finance all servers and all costs for us.

If you know a programmer who loves blockchain technology, please let them know? We welcome anyone who wants to provide tips, ideas, and your own ideas on how to create the perfect technology behind a new cryptocurrency. Feel free to write, all good advice and feedback are welcome.