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Qualcomm's ARM processors are named Oryon

Qualcomm’s ARM processors are named Oryon

ARM-based system circuits are very common in phones, but have recently become increasingly popular in personal computers, where Apple’s Macbooks can be seen with M-branded system circuits on the front. However, it is not only Apple that believes in ARM, for some time Microsoft has been working with Qualcomm to bring ARM to Windows to a greater extent.

Since 2015, Qualcomm has used ARM’s Cortex-branded processor cores in its various system chips. Purchasing off-the-shelf processor designs has made it easier for Qualcomm, as the company can simplify system chip manufacturing, but the downside is a reduced performance overview. So, the company had its own design in the pipeline, which has now been revealed as the Oryon.

Oryon-equipped system chips are expected to be used primarily in Windows PCs, and these chips are set to offer a significant performance increase over Qualcomm chips currently in use. There are hopes of reaching similar or even higher levels, which Apple has reached with Macbooks equipped with M.

behind the investment Acquisition of the processor company Nuvia The Oryon processor design builds on previous Nuvia work. Nuvia founder Gerard Williams III has previously worked with Apple’s ARM-based processors, up to the A13 Bionic, which should provide Qualcomm with the know-how to finally deliver a powerful system chip.

Qualcomm is not clear when it comes to more information about the Oryon, but the company notes that the chipset with the processor may appear next year. This aligns with previous information, which said that the special design should find its way to laptops in 2023. However, if the chipset debuts in 2023, it could be 2024 before Oryon-powered devices become available to consumers.

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