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Devolver Digital's CEO resigned in the wake of all the layoffs

Devolver Digital's CEO resigned in the wake of all the layoffs

Douglas Morin steps down.

Douglas Morin, CEO of Devolver Digital, is stepping down and will be replaced by Harry Miller. This is in straight standing water Layoffs Which he was forced to do at the acquired gaming company Artificer.

Artificer was included in the umbrella when Devolver acquired Good Shepherd Entertainment in January 2021. Since then, the studio has produced the game Exhibitors Which was released last year, but now their team has been cut in half since the ax fell a few days ago.

Miller was one of those who once helped start Devolver and will now step up again and take on the role of CEO. He also thanks Douglas for all the years he spent as director.

“On behalf of the Board of Directors and everyone at Devolver, I would like to thank Douglas for his commitment and significant accomplishments at Devolver over the past four years.”

“Douglas's energy, leadership and determination have been crucial to our IPO and our program to build our infrastructure as a listed company, culminating in the exciting acquisition of System Era. I'm excited about the opportunity to return to the role of CEO. It's incredible fun and I'm honored to continue working with the Devolver team “Brilliant and talented, building a strong portfolio of fun and creativity, and of course executing on our long-term growth strategy.”

There are many gaming companies that are downsizing their employees now. Sweden Embracer has been on a roll lately due to fairly deep cutbacks, but Microsoft has also been shrinking its fleet.

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