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Chaos at airports in Europe - in the middle of travel

Chaos at airports in Europe – in the middle of travel

Chaotic scenes took place at several airports in Europe on Monday. Many have had the opportunity to rest after the ascension of Christ last week and the coming Pentecostal weekend. At the same time, airlines and airports are struggling with staff shortages following the epidemic.

At Brussels airport, the queues were long and passengers lined up to catch their flight. National.

More than a thousand people missed their flights from Dublin on Sunday due to long queues. Many Monday passengers had to arrive 12 hours before their departure for fear of missing their flight. Thus there was a long queue at Dublin Airport on Monday.

Heathrow Airport in London on Monday.

Photo: Mark Thomas / I-Images / Polaris Polaris Images

“The airline does not know what they are doing”

In the UK, this is a part-time holiday when many Britons take advantage of the opportunity to travel. Passengers at various airports, among others, were observed to have lost their luggage after their flights were diverted to another airport.

– The airline does not know what they are doing. I could not see anything because my glasses and lenses were inside – so I could not work today. This is devastating, says traveler Larry Nathaniel Daily Mail.

Another passenger, who spoke to the Daily Mail, said the plane he had booked had been thrown away because it was overbooked.

– is shocking. Ross Bryant told the Daily Mail that four people were not allowed on the plane.

Many flights were canceled and advanced during the chaos. The Daily Mail also reported that passengers saw flight attendants resigning at the site in the middle of the plane crash.

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