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CL was warned of the chaos before the end

CL was warned of the chaos before the end

According to documents obtained by the French news agency AFP, the National Committee Against Corruption (DNLH) has warned that 50,000 Liverpool supporters will try to enter the arena without a valid ticket for the final between Liverpool and Real Madrid.

“Some of them have fake tickets. Others will try to enter the arena claiming to be officers, UEFA members, cleaners or paramedics, “the DNHL document said two days before the final.

Game delayed

The DNHL also warned that several hundred English supporters would try to force their way through the barricades and doors and called for vigilance.

According to French Interior Minister Gerald Dormann, 30,000 to 40,000 Liverpool supporters were in the arena without proper tickets. The match was delayed by 40 minutes due to confusion at the entrances and many valid tickets never arrived.

“Life saved”

Police fired tear gas and calmed the situation, for which they were criticized. Police said the operation saved lives.

The European Football Association (UEFA) on Saturday launched an investigation into who was responsible for the turmoil around the State de France. France and Britain blame each other.

CLIP: Pre-match chaos in CL – Police fire tear gas (May 28)

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Chaos haunts CL final – Police fire tear gas.
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