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British minister resigns over Cummings law breach

British minister resigns over Cummings law breach

At the end of March, Cummings traveled with his son to Durham, 400km from London, despite showing symptoms of Covid-19. During a press conference on Monday, he defended his actions.

– No, I do not regret. Some may disagree, but I think what I did made sense under the circumstances, he said.

The defense speech has led to Douglas Ross, Britain’s deputy prime minister, now choosing to resign, according to reports Watchman.

difficult decision

In a statement posted to Twitter, Ross wrote that making the decision wasn’t easy but there are aspects of Cummings’ explanation that he has issues with.

“I have voters in my constituency who have not had the opportunity to say goodbye to their loved ones, families who have not been able to mourn together, and people who have not visited their sick relatives because they have followed government guidelines. I cannot tell them in good conscience that they made a mistake and that a high-ranking government advisor did the right thing.” , Wrote.

Huge criticism of Cummings

Dominic Cummings justifies his actions by saying that he wanted to make sure the son could live with his relatives because both parents were ill, but the understanding was moderate. Both the opposition and a number of Conservative MPs have publicly called for his resignation.

However, Prime Minister Boris Johson does not agree. It is believed that the advisor acted responsibly and legally.

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