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Sweden beat Great Britain – the first match to be won is completed

The jump is alive.

Tre Kronor beat Great Britain 4-1 and still has a chance to reach the World Cup Finals.

– It’s good to win, we haven’t spoiled it yet…, says SVT’s Jonathan Bodas.

Sweden will miss the Hockey World Cup qualifiers – for the first time in modern times

Sweden is bad at the Hockey World Cup and is flogged to win the remaining matches to be able to reach the playoffs.

On Friday, they overcame an obstacle on the road.

Great Britain was defeated fairly easily despite their strong start to the match and ended up at a disadvantage after an odd goal that experts thought should have been ruled out.

– We got off to a rough start, but we drummed for 60 minutes, and on the whole I think we’re doing a good game, says Jonathan Bodas.

Kimbee decided

Marcus Sörensen and Jonathan Pudas both scored, but Mario Quimpi eventually became the harp of the match with his two hits – one of which was a first-class goal on the crossbar.

– Yes, I learned a little from my little brother from the Switzerland match, says Kembe at SVT.

jump alive قيد

Sweden has two matches left to play. They will face Slovakia on Sunday and Russia on Monday, so they should win both. In addition, other results must go their way in order for the World Cup dream to continue.

“We’ll try for two more wins, and then hopefully take a little jump in the other games,” says Jonathan Bodas.

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picture: Simon Hastegaard / Bildebrunn

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