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Bethesda promises DLSS, FOV, and more controls for Starfield

Bethesda promises DLSS, FOV, and more controls for Starfield

I would love to make maps of the city in the future.

Starfield It received a patch that brings the game to version 1.7.29, and while its contents may not be very exciting (stability and performance improvements), the accompanying post from Bethesda is much more exciting.

On its official website He writes That all comments are welcome, that updates will be released continuously for several years and that they are investing in it in the near future, among other things, adding:

  • Brightness and contrast controls

  • Calibration menu for HDR

  • Field of View slider (Field of View/Field of View)

  • Support for Nvidia DLSS upscaling technology on PC

  • Support 32:9 ultra wide format on PC

  • Special button for dining

What’s more, we already know that the game’s modding tools will be released early next year, and Bethesda promises that it will work on all platforms, “similar to what we did with Skyrim And Fallout 4Official DLSS support is also a welcome addition, as it currently only works via modding.

One thing many have been asking for are maps for the game’s cities, and while there don’t appear to be any plans to add them at the moment, Bethesda says they’d be happy to do so in the future.

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