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Visions of Mana: New from Human Memory

Visions of Mana: New from Human Memory

Seiken Densetsu, Or that the Mana Series has been nothing but Bor in recent years. New releases in Collect mana As well as a new edition on Secret of Mana And Trials of Mana Each of them has been able to keep long-time fans completely satisfied and perhaps even usurp the new series a bit. In time for Square Enix Quarters Mana visions During this year’s Game Awards with delicious Tractor You can see above.

Mana visions It is the first meaningful new game in the series in 15 years (mobile game Echoes of mana, which closed in May of this year, apparently doesn’t count for Squeenix either). The game will follow the series’ roots in role-playing games with a real-time combat system. The story puts you in the role of Val, a loyal spirit guardian who will accompany his childhood friend on his journey to the Mana Tree. Once there, they must restore the flow of mana and restore balance to the world.

And with these points Mana visions From almost the same list Symphonia Tales (And countless other siblings within this species.) However, Games Tales does not have the gorgeous environment art of Airi Yoshioka, nor its lead author Hiroki Kikuta (who is augmented here by the able Tsuyoshi Sekito). [Snatcher] And Ryo Yamazaki [Balan Wonderworld]).

for example.

Mana visions It will be released sometime in 2024 on PlayStation 4–5, Xbox Series