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For sale: Rebrook Specialist 24 |

For sale: Rebrook Specialist 24 |

Marine Pine Mountain

Purchased in Vastmanland mountain bike – 5 hours

Sram Red BB30 Crank, 175mm,

Bought in Stockholm Elements – 6 hours

Cracked carbon fiber

Bought in Gothenburg tires – 6 hours

Sram red crankset GXP

Sold in Stockholm 1900 Swedish krona Elements 1900 Swedish krona 6 hours

Screen SC-E6100

For sale in Jönköping 700:- electronics 700:- 6 hours

170mm crank arms, carbon fibre, GXP

For sale in knife 1000 Swedish Krona Elements 1000 Swedish Krona 6 hours

Trek Top Fuel 9.8 XTR

For sale in Gothenburg 46,000 SEK mountain bike 46,000 SEK 6 hours

ABUS lock holder for shackle locks

Sold in Stockholm 100:- Supplements 100:- 6 hours

Zip code is 808 bytes

Bought in Stockholm 12,000 SEK Wheels and tires 12,000 SEK 6 hours

GB 4000 II p

Sold in Stockholm 400:- Wheels and tires 400:- 6 hours

Steel crescent racer in mint condition

Sold in Stockholm 3500 Swedish krona Racing/country road bike 3500 Swedish krona 6 hours

Concorde Prelude Vintage Racer

For sale in knife 5000 Swedish krona Racing/country road bike 5000 Swedish krona 7 hours

Orbea OC1 handlebar 35mm, 12mm rise, 780mm

For sale in Norrbotten three hundred fifty:- Elements three hundred fifty:- 8 hours

Reprok Specialized 24

For sale in Gothenburg 5000 Swedish krona Children's bike 5000 Swedish krona 8 hours

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Oakley Comet Polarized Sunglasses

For sale in knife 1000 Swedish Krona glasses 1000 Swedish Krona 8 hours

Frog bike 48

For sale in Uppsala 3000 Swedish krona Children's bike 3000 Swedish krona 8 hours

Unique tandem trailer for two children

For sale in Norrbotten 9000 Swedish krona Children's bike 9000 Swedish krona 8 hours

Specialized Stumpjumper LT – Size XL

For sale in Dalarna 21,000 SEK mountain bike 21,000 SEK 9 hours

New Bontrager RSL51

For sale in Halland 14,000:- Wheels and tires 14,000:- 9 hours

Specialized Runway Pro

For sale in Gothenburg 19,500 Swedish krona Racing/country road bike 19,500 Swedish krona 9 hours

Scott glasses with two lenses

For sale in Örebro 250:- glasses 250:- 10 hours

Rockshox 2.1 RC2 Charger

For sale in Dalarna 1,500:- Elements 1,500:- 10 hours

Garmin Vector 3/Rally RS200 pedals

For sale in Alfsborg 5500 SEK Elements 5500 SEK 10 hours

Olins ttx22m

For sale in Dalarna 5500 SEK Elements 5500 SEK 10 hours

Saddle logo dimension layer T4.0, 143mm

For sale in Alfsborg 650:- Elements 650:- 10 hours

Specialized Runway S-WORKS SL4 Size 54

Sold in Stockholm 25,000 SEK Racing/country road bike 25,000 SEK 10 hours

Campagnolo front blade

For sale in knife 300:- Elements 300:- 10 hours

I'm looking for a Shimano 11-speed cassette 11-34 (CS-HG700/CS-HG800)

For sale in Alfsborg 300:-

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Elements 300:- 10 hours

KS Leaf C Dripper 31.6 x 150mm

For sale in Gothenburg 1000 Swedish Krona Elements 1000 Swedish Krona 10 hours

Y. T. Iso Olins

Sold in Stockholm 32,000 SEK mountain bike 32,000 SEK 10 hours