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51 Best Horror Movies of All Time That Are Appropriately Scary

51 Best Horror Movies of All Time That Are Appropriately Scary

Best Horror Movies Ever… Everyone certainly has their own choice when it comes to their favorite horror that is guaranteed to send chills down their spine. But did you know? They are perfect for display all year round. Yes honestly! Even when the sun is shining, we sometimes feel the need to hide under the covers and test our scary limits with some of the scariest movies out there.

Can we finally watch this horror movie without hiding behind pillows? Can we face watching that scary new movie everyone has been raving about? And can we manage this favorite slushie game while at home alone…?

Oh, we train ourselves to achieve all of the above!

But honestly, we're spoiled for choice when it comes to horror movies, because they fall under so many different subgenres. Whether it's horror movies with some of our favorite actresses (think Sophie Wilde Talk to me or SuccessionSarah Snook Run, rabbit, run) or clicks that have recently gone viral, e.g M3GAN, He smilesor a fun-filled mystery Infinity poolWe are spoiled for choice.

And let's not forget psychological thrillers like the one starring Rebecca Hall Night housesurvival horrors like ready or notOr even classics like The Sixth Sense…

Join us as we take a scary, dimly lit look at the 53 best horror movies to watch on streaming services like Disney+, Netflix, Apple TV and Amazon Prime over the coming months…