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Antonsen about Malmo FF: “Doors do not close”

Homestead PK has had a tough time recently and has won one of the last ten matches at AllSvenscon this year. That result line, means that the ball club begins to actively engage in battle down. According to experienced striker Marcus Antonsen, the club has no margin on its side.

– We performed well in football and created a lot of situations. Unfortunately, we are not able to manage the locations. That’s what makes the difference, and we only got two points in the last two games, not two full potters, he said.

Despite having a moderate twelfth Holmstad parking on the table, their defense impressed during the season. In fact, they have conceded just 19 goals in 22 matches, beating only first and second-placed Jurgarden and AIK in the table.

However, the team struggled with only 15 goals going forward, which was the worst of the series.

Is the club more focused on defense? Not if you believe Marcus Antonsen.

– I don’t think so. We were an incredibly strong defensive team and it was hard to score. Now that we’ve developed it year-round, we can capture our strong defenses and create more opportunities. Then we have to manage the opportunities as well.

Despite the team having difficulties managing their chances, the striker had a longer goal drought than he was accustomed to. The 30-year-old has gone without a goal in the last 13 games and gained online knowledge after the fourth of July last year against Hamstad Hammerby.

– This is not something I thought, but the focus is on doing the right things on the pitch and reaching the levels, so the goals will come in the mail in the mail. It’s been a long time without goals now, but I’m involved in it, so I know what experience is. I have done well and got into situations. Missed goals only.

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As one of the most experienced players, is there anything that weighs you down?
– Absolutely not. I hope I will come to the situation and be in good condition. Then the ball must enter. But we had a partnership in Holmstad and showed it all year round. That’s what Holmstadt is all about. We do it together and we are a good crowd.

Antonson, 30, returned to Holmstadt on loan from Malmo before this season, after spending a year or two in Kalmar and England, with the exception of Malmo. At the beginning of the year, the striker’s contract expires, which means he is currently free to negotiate with the clubs. Where he will play next season, he is quiet.

– It’s not clear yet. But all season I said, that means, my whole focus is on HBK, I take one match at a time. Then let’s see what happens.

Are you staying in Malm?
– Let’s see what happens after the season.

Where do you think you will play next season?
– I live here and now, focusing on what lies ahead of me. I’ve been involved for a long time, you know it can change quickly in this world, and you never know what the offer will be. But I don’t close the doors to anything.