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Bought in a barn for SEK 13 – Jaguar E-Type sold for SEK 17 million

Bought in a barn for SEK 13 – Jaguar E-Type sold for SEK 17 million

Two of the first examples of the most popular car model of all time are being sold. Even Enzo Ferrari called it the most beautiful car in the world. One of the first produced Jaguar E-types was found in a warehouse and bought for SEK 13 – and could sell for SEK 17 million.

In Great Britain they are called crown jewels. Two popular Jaguar E-types are now on sale, which can go up to SEK 15 million per car. One of the Jaguar E-Class cars produced since 1961, a series 3.8L roadster can sell for around 17 million.

The indigo blue roadster also has a history as a Duca. The car was previously owned by Jaguar Racing team principal Frank Raymond Wilton ‘Lofty’ England. The same seller is selling another rarity: a right-hand-drive E-type coupe, one of the first four produced.

The coupe is dark blue in red leather with a fragrant interior. It was carefully restored in 2000 after the owner bought it for a pound. It is estimated to fetch SEK 17 million at an auction in London on September 1.

– Driving the E-Type is always fun, but owning two incredibly important cars only adds to that joy. It has been a privilege to own them and I hope they continue to bring as much joy to the new owners as they have brought to me and my family over the past 20 years, says the owner.

The Jaguar E-Type was amazing when it debuted in 1961 and is still seen as a masterpiece on wheels today. The car was developed by Sir William Lyons of Jaguar Cars, also known as Mr. Jaguar. It’s mostly a road-going version of Jaguar’s Le Mans car, the T-Type.

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– Enzo Ferrari called the Jaguar E-Class the most beautiful car in the world, says Gooding & Company auctioneer Charlie Rose, who is running the sale in September.