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Conspiracy creates corruption |  Swedish girl

Conspiracy creates corruption | Swedish girl

Queen Elizabeth has created a scandal with a few words secretly recorded.

The most enjoyed during Queen Elizabeth’s reign. The same is true of Britain in general. Think about how many events, crises, changes, disasters and victories the country has experienced since Elizabeth ascended the throne in 1952, at the age of 26.

Still, Elizabeth was able to fulfill her duty. As head of state, the Queen should avoid talking politics in all circumstances – no matter how strong she feels as an individual.

Queen Elizabeth was secretly recorded – words create corruption

But the question is whether she broke this sacred rule yesterday, Thursday. It is one of the best snack bars in the UK today.

Elizabeth has released a video from the Welsh National Assembly discussing with her sister-in-law, Camila Parker-Bowles and Elin Jones.

The trio talk about the upcoming UN climate conference COP26, when the Queen suddenly gives voice to great dissatisfaction. Elizabeth seems to be dissatisfied with world leaders for not taking enough action to prevent the coming climate catastrophe. More specifically: who has not yet said whether they will appear at the conference or not.

According to the British media, this is what Elizabeth says:

– It’s not weird … I’ve heard a lot about COP … but still don’t know who’s coming. We only know who did not come … It’s very annoying when they talk but does not live up to it, says Elizabeth.

“Not to the ears of the public”

Elizabeth did not say this in a casual speech, but in a general context, during a meeting of the Welsh National Assembly. Thus, it was widely debated whether Elizabeth really stood for a political position – one of the very few on the British throne for nearly 70 years.

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But Nicholas Witzel, the BBC’s state correspondent, defended the Queen.

I think you can not say that she is involved in politics because what she said here is not really for the public. But definitely ideas that give her an insight into how she thinks, he says.

– She says things that many in her family have said before.

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