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FIFA rule appeals to the Premier League

The English Premier League announced, on Tuesday, that all clubs have taken a decision not to allow their players to join their national teams if they are to play in the countries included in the red list during the national team break. Any countries where the spread of the coronavirus is considered serious and the players involved must be quarantined for ten days upon their return to the UK.

The league justified the decision in a statement, “Quarantine requirements mean that the players’ well-being and condition will be significantly affected. We understand the challenges that exist in the international match calendar and are open to solutions.”

According to the league, the decision will affect about 60 players from 19 clubs from the English Premier League, which will affect all possibilities negatively on some countries, as they cannot call up some of their best players for the upcoming international matches next September.

Now FIFA President Gianni Infantino is appealing to the Premier League to release its players for their national team.

We’ve had global problems together before and we must continue to do so. The release of players in the upcoming breaks for the national team is very important and important. Many of the best players in the world play in England and Spain, and we believe these countries share a responsibility to maintain and defend the sporting integrity of competitions around the world, says Infantino, according to the English Daily Mail.

Infantino further explains that he has written to British Prime Minister Boris Johnson to help with quarantine restrictions upon their return to Britain.

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– Regarding the quarantine restrictions in England, for players returning from the red-listed countries, I have written to Prime Minister Boris Johnson and appealed for the necessary support. Specifically, so that players do not lose the opportunity to represent their countries in World Cup qualifying matches – the greatest honor that exists as a footballer, Infantino says and continues:

Together, we have shown solidarity and unity in the fight against the coronavirus. Now I urge everyone to ensure the release of the national team players for the upcoming World Cup qualifiers.