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Microsoft is annoying more Chrome users with Bing ads

Microsoft is annoying more Chrome users with Bing ads

In March, Windows Latest discovered a new type of ad from Microsoft, a pop-up advertising Bing's search engine and Bing's chatbot, which appears when a user launches Google Chrome. Now the site writes that Microsoft has rolled out the ad to more users, on both Windows 10 and 11.

In the announcement box, Microsoft wrote that Bing is offering free access to GPT-4 to those who install Bing's Chrome extension and the Bing service, with buttons below to cancel or install both immediately. If the user chooses to install, Chrome displays its usual warning when an extension changes the default search engine, with a shortcut to change back.

Microsoft has added an extra pop-up box here as well, warning the user that they will lose access to Bing AI with GPT-4 and DALL-E 3.

This “function” is operated by two program files called bcilauncher.exe And bingchatinstaller.exe located in the folder C:\windows\temp\mubtemp. According to the Windows Latest website, the second pop-up warning was activated via an update on Microsoft servers, without any additional installation on the affected computers.

This is a one-time notification that gives people the ability to set Bing as the default search engine in Chrome. Those who choose [att göra så] Have longer conversations in Copilot and have access to your chat history. “We believe in user choice, so there is an option to opt out,” a Microsoft spokesperson told Windows Update.