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Windows XP is back in Microsoft’s Christmas sweater

Windows XP is back in Microsoft’s Christmas sweater

It’s not December yet, but that’s not stopping Microsoft from bringing the Christmas spirit early with a 2023 release of the company’s Christmas sweater. Unlike previous Paint and Röj shirts, this time Microsoft deviates a bit from the “fun but fun” concept and aims for bliss instead.

This year’s shirt is Hello Windows XP, or more specifically the “Bliss” wallpaper that was the default variant of the operating system. Thus the winter decorations, Christmas trees and other symbols associated with Christmas were replaced by wavy green meadows and blue skies, complete with a mouse cursor in the foreground.

Do you have a little Windows XP in your wardrobe?


Fortunately, the Windows XP Shirt is a unisex model, and unlike Windows 11, there are no special hardware requirements.

For those who want to wear Bliss for Christmas, or any other holiday of their choice, the knitted masterpiece can be purchased via the Xbox Gear Shop. There, the shirt retails for €83, just under 950 kroner, and is available in sizes S to 3XL. This year, Microsoft is supporting The Nature Conservancy, but it’s not clear how much of the proceeds go to the charity.

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