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Warning: Sharing is as contagious as chickenpox – Tegnell: A lot we don’t know

Delta is spreading quickly in Europe and is as contagious as chickenpox, according to US authorities.

In Sweden, the variant took full control.

Above all, young foreign travelers are the ones who take the infection home, says Anders Tegnell.

The delta variant, which was first discovered in India, has spread to many countries in a short time. In early July, it was responsible for 90 per cent of new cases in the UK and the US for about 80 per cent.

to me European Agency for the Control of Infectious Diseases ECDC The variant is now prevalent in large parts of Europe – 19 of 28 countries have provided sufficient data. The variable is also believed to be behind the increase in cases in many countries.

Unfortunately, we are seeing a significant increase in cases associated with the spread of the highly contagious delta variant, says Hans-Henri Kluge, Regional Director of Who is the in the current situation.

took over

In many Swedish regions, the alternative is prevalent, and the Swedish Public Health Agency said earlier in July that it would fully assume its duties in Sweden within a few months. But it has already happened.

– In Sweden, it is now completely in control. We have a certain spread of infection increasingly, especially in big cities. But he says it’s only among the unprotected groups Anders Tegnell, a government epidemiologist at the Swedish Public Health Agency.

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) advises fully vaccinated people to wear indoor mouthguards in areas where the infection is common. This is according to new data, not yet published, showing that the delta variant is contagious even among vaccinated people.

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Tegnell: A lot we don’t know

In documents of authority as Washington Post Participating in this, they expressed serious concern about the new variant and wrote that it was believed to be as contagious as chickenpox.

Anders Tegnell thinks you should do the job with a pinch of salt. He adds that assessing the infection is difficult with such a new virus.

It’s hard to say how contagious the delta is, when it comes to chickenpox, we’ve been able to follow the disease for several years. The infection seems to be very variable, in some cases one person infects a hundred people, and then we have other occasions when the infected person does not infect anyone at all.

Do you think the CDC is worrisome?

No, but there is much we do not know and should not draw far-reaching conclusions from. The main problem for them is that they have an increased prevalence of infection.

The increasing spread of infection in Europe has led many countries to re-impose restrictions during the summer. In both the Netherlands and Spain, nightclubs opened but were restricted again a few weeks later after the infection curve rose.

Foreign travelers get infected

Iceland, which has largely escaped the outbreak, lifted its restrictions completely in June. But after an increase in cases two consecutive weeks, oral protection requirements were introduced indoors and bars and restaurants must close at 11 p.m. Ekot reports. Most cases were delta.

In Sweden, many relaxed restrictions were lifted during the summer in conjunction with a decrease in the spread of infection. But infection is increasing in several regions. in Stockholm for the fifth week in a row. Nationally, the infection has increased in the past two weeks.

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Thinking about sharing is now dominant in Sweden and we have an increasing prevalence of infection in several regions. Is it appropriate to impose any restrictions again?

– No, the restrictions we have lifted are for public gatherings, this is not where we notice the infection, so it has nothing to do with the increase. The increase is due to the fact that younger age groups are not far away and we have an increase among Swedish foreign travelers taking the infection home.

But if we lift restrictions, could that signal to people that we are no longer in a pandemic?

– That’s a good question. We have no data to suggest that this is the case. I think we lost focus a little bit, the important thing is that we say we have an epidemic and remind you of the recommendations. We cannot take measures that have no effect because they send signals.

Do you have any concerns about the delta variable?

Yes, we must get better at vaccinating the younger groups and remember the limitations. Then everything indicates that we can handle this.