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More ignores restrictions – county administrative boards sound the alarm

With restrictions loosening, there are now double alarms.

According to reports, there is confusion about the new rules – and more and more people are ignoring them.

– I don’t understand how one can think that it is not clear, says state epidemiologist Anders Tegnell.

It’s the second summer with the slogan “Wait, wait.”

But more and more people are giving up, according to the latest case report from county boards of directors.

“Many county boards feel there are more people moving outdoors and in stores, and that the public and some operators believe all restrictions have been removed.”, as stated in the report.

This month, restrictions were eased on two occasions, most recently on July 15.

Many county boards warn of increased congestion and decreased willingness to comply with the restrictions. The photo was taken in Stockholm.

Södermanland reports that many are “acting as if the epidemic is over” and that many individuals believe all restrictions have been lifted.

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Gotland, which is experiencing higher tourist pressure compared to the normal year 2019, writes that operators feel that the remaining restrictions are now not followed.

“Freedom of Thought”

Similar reports have also come from Belking, Örebro, Västernorland and Dalarna, among others.

– We see that there are many who have missed out, especially from the audience but also from some of the organizers. Then there are also vacation periods, which leave people more free to think, says Jesper Folkesson, acting national coordinator for the oversight of county administrative boards.

At the same time that they see a decrease in the desire to follow restrictions, the number of events increases when the traditional holiday weeks begin now.

– There is a great desire to put things in order and go to events. It was not possible to do this for a long time. Then it’s important that we take responsibility to ensure we don’t relapse in the spread of the infection, he says.

He calls development worrisome.

– We take it very seriously.

State epidemiologist Anders Tegnell

Tegnell: Very simple

State epidemiologist Anders Tegnell It states, however, that Swedish Public Health Agency It received no indications of non-compliance with the restrictions due to ambiguity regarding the changes.

– If it is a restaurant that serves food, the service is served in seats. It’s very simple.

But according to Tegnell, the feeling that “the danger is over,” which county boards reported in the report, is fraught with danger.

We’re still in the middle of a pandemic, he says.

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