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For sale: Eddy Merckx San Remo 76

For sale: Eddy Merckx San Remo 76

Schwalbe Ice Spiker Pro 29×2.25

Sold in Stockholm 100:- Wheels and tires 100:- 21 minutes

Norco Rampage, 26″, 100mm

Sold in Stockholm 9500 Swedish krona mountain bike 9500 Swedish krona 27 minutes

Abus 8900 series lock red

For sale in Halland 400:- protection 400:- 1 hour

Air fork with 140-160mm travel

Bought in Dalarna Elements – 1 hour

Last seat/post flight

For sale in Jämtland 400:- Elements 400:- 1 hour

Wolf Teeth Chain Ring dm 36T

For sale in Jämtland 500:- Elements 500:- 1 hour

Kenevo e-mtb

Sold in Stockholm 38,000 SEK mountain bike 38,000 SEK 1 hour

New NoPinz Flow Gray Cadence/TT Medium Suit

For sale in Gothenburg 1,950 Swedish krona diverse 1,950 Swedish krona 1 hour

New Specialized Dodge 3M

Sold in Stockholm 1900 Swedish krona Helmets 1900 Swedish krona 1 hour

Scott Stego helmet

For sale in Jönköping 500:- Helmets 500:- 1 hour

Asus Ultraz LS

Sold in Stockholm 400:- clothes 400:- 2 hours

Rear brakes are required for Formula R1

Purchased in Skåne Elements – 2 hours

Bianchi Nero Alo size 46

For sale in Jönköping 10,000:- Racing/country road bike 10,000:- 2 hours

CD wheels

Sold in Stockholm 6500 Swedish krona Wheels and tires 6500 Swedish krona 2 hours

NOS Shimano exage 300 lx gears

For sale in Gothenburg three hundred fifty:-

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Elements three hundred fifty:- 2 hours

Looking for vintage disc wheels

Bought in Gothenburg Wheels and tires – 2 hours

Zip code 808/1080

Sold in Stockholm 6500 Swedish krona Wheels and tires 6500 Swedish krona 2 hours

Looking for vintage TT/LoPro handlebars

Bought in Gothenburg Elements – 2 hours

Double belt with BLB buckle

For sale in Gothenburg 400:- Elements 400:- 2 hours

Cleaning the steering vane stem

For sale in Gothenburg 100:- Elements 100:- 2 hours

Clean the handlebar buck

For sale in Gothenburg 100:- Elements 100:- 2 hours

Eddy Merckx San Remo 76

Sold in Stockholm 14,500 SEK Racing/country road bike 14,500 SEK 2 hours

Bianchi ultra xr4 ultegra, di2

For sale in Vastmanland 35,000 SEK Racing/country road bike 35,000 SEK 2 hours

Gopro mount for bike frame

For sale in Dalarna 45:- Supplements 45:- 3 hours

Maxis Hookworms 24″

For sale in knife 300:- Wheels and tires 300:- 3 hours

Secret Bridge Club XL

Purchased in Skåne Others – 3 hours

Small rain jacket craft

For sale in Uppsala 300:- clothes 300:- 3 hours

Fizik Tritone Transport Kit

For sale in Blekinge 400:- Supplements 400:- 4 hours

Elite trainer Zumo

For sale in Alfsborg 3000 Swedish krona diverse 3000 Swedish krona 4 hours

Xc reinforced wheels, light and fast.

Sold in Östergötland 5900 SEK

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Wheels and tires 5900 SEK 4 hours