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Healthcare workers can now vacation in a Farm House – completely free

Farm participants 2018

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Farm participants 2018

Are you a healthcare professional and hungry for a vacation? How about a week at the farmhouse? And take it simply, unlike the participants, you will have access to both electricity and running water.

The fact that the medical staff pulled a very large load during the epidemic did not escape anyone.

when Niklas sigh I heard two trained nurses on the radio who were considering leaving the profession, so he gave in and decided to do something about the situation.

– We need the Covid nurses no matter how much and then there are some who quit because it was so hard and then I thought they might need a little vacation and they could have it with me, he told Aftonbladet.

Not just any farm

Yes, because Niklas owned a farm by Voxatorpsjön, north of Gnosjö.

And it’s not just a farm – but the well-known home of the successful Farmen. The seasons that aired in 2018 and 2019 were recorded on his farm.

There is electricity and water

A die-hard Farmen fan knows participants are without power during recordings.

But take it simply, those who want to rent the farm will have electricity and running water in the kitchen.

“Bus loads used to come”

The offer will be available on the intranet for local care staff, but no one has taken advantage of the free vacation.

This surprises Niklas, when buses loaded with people came to see the farm when the program was broadcast.

– I know this place was very popular back when the “The Farm” recordings were. People would come here every weekend and watch, Aftonbladet tells.

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Take care of all your vacation-starved healthcare staff!

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Farmen-Wincent is working with this outside of the program

Farmen-Wincent is working with this outside of the program