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Tyson Fury wants to meet UFC Champion Francis Nganno

Tyson Fury will retire.


Soon after the victory over Dillian White, the heavyweight champion made a full turn.

“It’s going to be a very special battle,” Fury told ESPN.

Announced before and after the fight against Dillian White Tyson Fury He will stop boxing.

“What a way to end the game, thank you so much Great Britain,” Tyson Fury told BT Sport after defeating his opponent.

But just seconds after his last message, Fury turned completely around.

Fury: “A very special fight”

Cameroonian heavyweight champion Francis Ngannou traveled from Las Vegas to Wembley to watch Tyson Fury and took the ring shortly after the decision.

When Fury next spoke to ESPN in the ring, his future plans looked very different and Frances Ngannou engaged.

– It will be a very special battle. Fury says it would be something no one had seen before in the history of our sport.

Fury wants to meet Ngannou

Francis Ngannou has been nicknamed “The Predator” and has been described as “the most feared man in the Ultimate Fighting Championship”.

– I am a heavyweight champion in boxing, he is a heavyweight champion in the UFC. He’s in rough shape, looking at his muscles, Fury followed and was supported by Ngannou in the ring.

– We will find out who is the worst lunatic on the planet, says Ngannou.

– It will be a mixed match with different types of rules. MMA gloves but in the ring. We’ll mix it up.


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