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Antonio Rudiger's crazy weekly salary at Real Madrid

Antonio Rudiger’s crazy weekly salary at Real Madrid

Real Madrid reached the semi-finals of the Champions League. The first meeting with Manchester City is awaited on Tuesday evening, but in parallel with this, the Spanish giant has already begun to build the team for next season.

Coach Carlo Ancelotti has pointed out that Chelsea’s Antonio Rudiger is one of the most important pieces of the puzzle. Watchman.

Rudiger himself has already confirmed that he cannot stay at Chelsea.

Because of the sanctions imposed by Britain on the owner of Russian club Chelsea, Roman Abramovich, who had all of his assets frozen and forced to sell the club, Chelsea is in a state of uncertainty. With the contract expiring, Rüdiger doesn’t want to have to wait for the new owners to secure her future.

Chelsea offer rejected

Only details now remain before the move becomes official, and Real Madrid costs zero kroner in transfer fees as the contract expires.

However, it’s a lucrative contract that has been thrown at Rüdiger’s table. The Guardian writes that the midfielder is expected to earn at least £200,000 a week, equivalent to roughly £2.5m.

This means doubling his current salary, which is £90,000 a week. Prior to the sanctions against Abramovich, Chelsea were said to have offered the player a new contract with a salary of at least £200,000 a week. Rüdiger then had to refuse with his demands for a sign-up bonus and large sums in agency fees.

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