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Two golds in dressage for Britain’s Lee Pearson at the Paralympics – QX

Lee PearsonThe dressage competitor, who is openly gay, took home his second gold medal at the Paralympic Games in Tokyo this weekend, in teams after taking home a singles medal on Thursday. In all, he has won 13 gold medals during the Paralympic Games since he debuted 20 years ago in Sydney.

according to OutSports He was an American equestrian athlete Robert Dover Which, with his efforts during the 1996 Atlanta Olympics, inspired Pearson to start competing. In 1988, Dover became the first Olympic athlete to come out openly as gay.

In addition to 13 gold medals, Lee Pearson also won two silvers at the Paralympics and a bronze. At the World Championships, he won 14 gold

Lee Pearson riding a horse Breezer has been rewarded with a number of orders for their athletic efforts and in 2017 was knighted with a The Order of the British Empire and has since been called my lord.

In total, the location is important OutSports With 33 LGBTQI+ athletes competing in the Paralympics.

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