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Great Britain and Italy are ready for the World Cup

Here, the nominee pre-thinks she will win the gold medal

Kiesenhofer extended her arms in the air in a winning gesture as she crossed the finish line. A few minutes later, one of the candidates did the same thing – Dutch animek van Vleuten.

– I thought I won, she says, according to the Associated Press.

Her coach told me she had already taken the silver, and I broke down in tears.

– I was a little scared she thought she won, says commentator Robin Fomin at Discovery+.

New disappointment

Briton Lizzie Dienan, who was in the close group at the end, was also sure of Van Vleuten’s victory.

– The best person won here today. The anime was obviously the strongest, so it’s all thanks to her, Dienan tells the BBC.

For Van Vleuten, it was another disappointment. The 38-year-old drove five years ago in Rio, before crashing seriously. A collision left her with a concussion and three fractures in the lower back.

Fellow Dutchman Anna van der Bregenn participated and fought for the medals. Nor was she aware of Kiesenhofer bras.

– I didn’t know there were still cyclists ahead. I thought we’d go for a spin for gold, says van der Bregen.

Radio communication with jockeys is prohibited at the Olympic Games, and in other large bike races, jockeys remain in contact with the stables in accompanying cars.

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