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Trump supporters' trick to attract black voters: Posting AI-generated images

Trump supporters' trick to attract black voters: Posting AI-generated images

Donald Trump has openly tried to attract African American voters to the Republican Party. Voters who It is said to have been key to Joe Biden's victory in the 2020 presidential election.

now BBC One audit discovered dozens of AI-generated images in social media depicting the presidential candidate alongside Black voters. Pictures were spread by Trump supporters to portray Trump as very popular with these voters.

Cliff Albright, who co-founded Black Votes Matter, points to a political tactic of spreading misinformation, which he believes also happened in the recent presidential election.

Albright told the BBC that there were documented attempts to target black groups again with misinformation, especially among younger black voters.

There is no evidence that the fake photos are linked to Trump's presidential campaign.

1.3 million views

An AI-generated image that has received more than 1.3 million views on Platform X depicts Trump posing with black male voters on a front porch.

The image was created from the start of a satirical account, but has gone viral with new fake comments. A false claim claims that Trump stopped his motorcade to settle in with young people.

The BBC did not find any similar photos of Joe Biden. Instead, AI photos circulating of the current president show him with other world leaders, such as Russian President Vladimir Putin.

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