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Alarm about a strong smell in the student housing in Sapanca |  Sweden

Alarm about a strong smell in the student housing in Sapanca | Sweden

Police wearing gas masks are on site in Sapanca.

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It is still unclear what causes the odor.

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The odor alert came in at 9.30pm on Monday.

– We received that you smelled a strong odor, says Nadia Norton, police press spokeswoman.

The police are there and emergency services are assisting. Exactly what causes the odor is still unclear.

-We are on site and investigating. We can tell that there is a smell of something, and it is not clear what it is. But it's quiet at the scene, says Marie Nordahl of the Met Rescue Centre.

“The cough started at the same time.”

The multi-family home includes several student residences. One resident there describes how she and many others had a strong reaction to the smell.

– There were six of us and we all started coughing at the same time. At first we thought it was someone cooking strong food, but then we passed through the doorway and entered the house. There the smell was stronger.

– Your throat is itchy and you can't stop coughing.

The group called 112. When the rescue and ambulance service got there, they went out to get answers to what happened. They were also examined by paramedics.

– We stood there for an hour before the emergency services announced that we could return. We also asked about that smell, but they said they didn't know.

Another person who lives next door describes a major effort at the site:

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– They came here with blue lights. Then I went out to the balcony and looked and saw how they were wearing protective masks. I felt a little worried.

– I felt a bit of a smell. It smelled like burnt rubber or burnt plastic.

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