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The European Union and the United States urge Georgia to stop the controversial bill

The European Union and the United States urge Georgia to stop the controversial bill

For days, demonstrations have been raging in Georgia's capital against a bill that aims to be able to classify organizations as “foreign agents” if more than 20 percent of their funding comes from other countries.

The law, which opponents accuse of being inspired by Russian politics, has passed two of three steps in the parliamentary process. This raised concern in both Washington and Brussels about democratic development in Georgia.

“We are deeply concerned about this legislation and what it could do to stifle dissent and freedom of expression,” White House National Security Council spokesman John Kirby said in a statement on Thursday.

It makes joining the European Union more difficult

Geert-Jan Koopman, the EU's top official for neighborhood policy and enlargement negotiations, on Thursday repeated the EU's warning that the draft law would jeopardize Georgia's chances of joining the bloc.

– He said in a press conference in Tbilisi: – The law is unacceptable and will create serious obstacles on the path to joining the European Union.

No hearing from the government

The country's government – which introduced a similar law last year, then withdrew it after strong protests – showed no sign of budging again.

However, parliamentary debates were suspended on Thursday, following what officials described as an “attack” on the legislature.

More on the law and the demonstrations surrounding it in the clip above.

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