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The poet Khet Tho was kidnapped by the army in Myanmar – now dead

The poet Khet Tho was kidnapped by the army in Myanmar – now dead

This weekend, the poet Khet Te and his wife were arrested by armed soldiers and policemen.

His wife, Zhao Soo, told the BBC that they were interrogated and that Khit Te was subsequently kidnapped. He never came back.

– They called me in the morning and said I could meet him at Muniwa Hospital. I thought it was a broken arm or something. But when I got here, he was in the morgue.

Later, the family saw his body, reportedly having his organs removed Reuters.

Nearly 800 dead

The hospital told Zhao Soo that he had a heart problem, but she didn’t think this was true. It is unclear how she understood that the organs were removed.

Reuters contacted the military council and the hospital for comment, without result.

The activist group, Association for the Assistance of Political Prisoners, reported that Khet T died in hospital after being tortured during interrogation. The organization said that 780 people have been killed so far since the military coup.

Another poet, K Za Win, was shot in the head during a protest in early March.

Khet T, now deceased, wrote, among other things, the lines:

“They shoot in the head, but they don’t know that the revolution is in the heart.”

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