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Children in Gaza die of hunger when aid does not arrive

Children in Gaza die of hunger when aid does not arrive

It was announced this week that the United States, in cooperation with the European Union, among others, will build a temporary floating port outside Gaza and bring in aid via sea route.

On Sunday afternoon, the United States sent a military ship from Virginia loaded with equipment to the scheduled port. But according to the Pentagon, it could take up to two months before the port is in use.

The United Nations was prevented from assisting the north

Plans to ship aid by sea are a result of the failure of aid shipments on land.

Currently, there are only two border crossings through which trucks can pass – these are in southern Gaza, while the need for aid is greater in the north.

The UN Food Program has not sent aid to northern Gaza since the end of January, and at the end of February, the organization took the decision to temporarily halt aid because, according to the UN, the situation on the ground was too chaotic.

But this week, new attempts were made, but they failed. This is what Karl Skau, Director of Operations at the United Nations Food Programme, shares Tonight's agenda.

On Tuesday, when we obtained all the necessary permits, we got stuck in roadblocks and had to return, says Skaw and continues:

– Since then, we have been prevented several times from entering our convoys.

But why did your trucks have to turn around?

We have not received any clarification about this yet. You can ask the Israeli authorities.

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The beams are blasted across the plane

In recent weeks, the United States and other countries have begun airdrops of aid. Food parcels are dropped by parachute from airplanes. But this method has been criticized for being ineffective and dangerous, with reports of people dying after falling packages.

While waiting for help, children are the most affected, says doctor Ahmed Salem in northern Gaza. Listen to his testimony and watch poignant images from inside Gaza's hospitals in the video above.

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