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Tre Kronor’s hopes of Ekman-Larson’s World Cup final still stand

The circumstances surrounding Oliver Eckmann-Larson’s injury have been kept confidential by the national team management. After Sunday night’s 7-1 win over Norway, Tre Kronor captain Johan Garbenlov didn’t want to say more than “could have” in the stand against the Czech Republic more than a week ago, as the captain had a hard time. He was wounded in the foot, making him inaccessible.

When “Garbin” the next day Meeting the press after an icy session in the Nokia arena, he had nothing new to declare about the status of his team leader.

– He has contact with our doctors and physiotherapists. They are trying to do everything they can for Oliver. Once someone gets infected, that’s their job, and that’s why they’re here. As long as they stay here and work with him, it might be a good fit for him to play in the future.

What are your hopes for him to be able to play the playoffs?

I’m not a doctor and I’m not Oliver so I can’t answer that question. But if there are no hopes, he will not leave. There are still hopes.

Ekman-Larsson broke provisionally against the Czech Republic after suffering a shock, but then returned to the ice and completed the match. After that, Vancouverbacken also played against Great Britain, Finland and the United States.

Johann Garbenlov says:

“It’s hard for someone to jump in and do exactly what Oliver is doing,” says Johann Garbenloff.

Photo: Maxim Thori/Bildeberan

Some matches against LatviaIn the final round of group matches, that certainly wouldn’t be the case. When asked if Garpenlöv could consider saving Ekman-Larsson for a possible semi-final or final, the national team captain replied:

– There will be a lot of speculation. Number one is tomorrow’s match (against Latvia) and then Thursday’s match is the match that we will decide on. We’ll see what the decision will be.

The captain of the national team admits that if it were played for Ekman Larsson in the World Cup, it would be a heavy break.

– Oliver is Oliver and our captain, so it’s hard for anyone to jump in and do it exactly as he does, but on the other hand we have others who share his role on and off the field. The hope is that the players will grow up with her and seize the opportunity. That’s what we can pay for, says Garbinlov.

Oliver Ekman Larson himself has yet to comment on the injury.

Sweden plays early against Latvia on Tuesday, at 11.20 Swedish time.

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