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Here the mic happens to pick up the peptalk of the overrun Briton - and the hockey world can't stop tanning

Here the mic happens to pick up the peptalk of the overrun Briton – and the hockey world can’t stop tanning

Britain did not fly during the Hockey World Cup.
But after the clip, which spread like wildfire on social media, no one can criticize their stance.

Expectations were already zero in the UK during the World Cup. The journey was not easy, and in many ways the British saw themselves properly defeated.


In seven matches, Great Britain collected a trivial point, a poisonous Tre Kronor group. But in the last match against Latvia, they were actually about to take the first three pointers during the tournament.

Photo: Twitter

After two periods of play, Great Britain was 2-0 up and headed for a historic victory. But when it was decided to decide everything in the last period, the Brits completely collapsed, in the end they got 5-3.

But the first two periods no one could take away from them, and perhaps they found the energy from the assistant captain’s speech before the game.

ugly fire number

TV cameras catch when Jonathan Phillips tries to tag his teammates before a game, and no kind words come out of his mouth.

It is swearing after swearing, in a typically British fashion. And maybe this is how Britain needs to tag itself before every game for a chance to snatch points during the World Cup?

Photo: Twitter

The clip, which can be seen below, went viral on social media, and many of the rude words that were broadcast live on air were astonished.

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