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Zuma brought to justice after the "cat scandal".

Zuma brought to justice after the “cat scandal”.

Earlier this year, a video circulated, in which Kurt Zouma kicked and hit one of his cats. The West Ham player has apologized, but the reactions that were expected were strong to say the least.

– It’s a very outrageous video. A spokesperson for the RSPCA, which works for animal welfare in the UK, says it is never acceptable to hit or kick an animal.

The player was booed on the football field, sponsors withdrew or suspended their cooperation with the Premier League club, and now Zuma will be brought to justice. He is accused of several offenses under the Animal Welfare Act.

Keep taking care of the cats

The trial is scheduled to take place at Thames Magistrates Court in London tomorrow. Kurt, 27, is accused of “causing unnecessary suffering by kicking the cat in the stomach and hitting it in the head” and “failing to protect the cat from pain, injury or disease”, according to the BBC. His younger brother Yuan, 24, is accused of helping and advising Kurt to commit the crimes.

West Ham fined Kurt Zouma nearly three million, and the sum went to animal charities. However, he was allowed to continue playing for the club, while his younger brother has not played for his current club Dagenham & Redbridge since the end of January.

The animal welfare organization RSPCA will continue to care for Zouma’s cats for the time being.

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