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Thousands of people are protesting against imprisonment in Germany and the United Kingdom

Thousands of people in central London this Saturday protested against a prison sentence imposed to control the epidemic in the UK, many of them without masks or respecting personal safety distance.

Protesters include COVID-19 “deniers” and supporters of conspiracy theories, as well as people who, without denying the existence of the virus, consider the restrictions to be excessive and negative.

The London Police have not yet provided the number of participants or specified whether they have been arrested.

Germany: Conflicts and arrests in protest of anticoagulant activities

Another thousands of people, 20,000, gathered today in the center of the German city of Kassel for an unauthorized demonstration against anti-virus measures, leading to clashes between protesters and police, resulting in several arrests.

According to police, protesters ignored calls to respect distant operations and wear masks.

“There have been several attacks on agents. We do not tolerate this kind of aggression. This is not a peaceful protest,” the police wrote on their Twitter account, in which they used water cannons, pepper spray and batons against protesters.

Tram traffic was halted in the city center and vehicular traffic had to be closed on several streets.

Hess’s executive court approved a demonstration, but on the outskirts of the city and with a maximum of 6,000 people in attendance, local authorities respected the rules after banning the protest due to an increase in new infections and fears that participants would not come.

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The total incidence in seven days in the federal state of Hess is 112.8 new cases per 100,000 population, with 1,449 infections in the last 24 hours. Overall nationwide, the incidence is 99.9, with 16,033 new infections in a single day.