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Half of all adults in the UK are vaccinated against COVID The world

Half of the adult population UK Receiving the first dose of the anti-COVID vaccine, the Minister of Health declared himself a “great success” for the most affected country in Europe.

“I’m glad to tell you that we have already vaccinated half the adults in the UK. This is a huge success,” Matt Hancock said in a video posted on Twitter.

The Minister thanked those involved in the mass vaccination campaign launched in the region in early December.

The UK has delivered more than 26 million drugs of the COVID-19 vaccine.

The vaccine campaign was recently extended to people over the age of 50 and Prime Minister Boris Johnson, 56, received the first dose of the AstraZeneca vaccine on Friday, a day after British and European regulators guaranteed his safety.

Johnson was vaccinated at St Thomas’ Hospital in London, where he was in intensive care for three days in April 2020, suffering from Govt-19.

The European country, which has been hit hard by the corona virus, is using vaccines from the UK Pfizer-Bioendech and Astrogeneka-Oxford, with more than 126,000 deaths.

The third vaccine, Moderna, has been approved by the UK regulatory body and will be available “in the next few weeks”, the health minister said on Thursday.

The government aims to provide the first dose of the corona virus vaccine to everyone over the age of 50 by mid-April and to all adults by the end of July.