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The United Kingdom will provide more than $ 400,000 million in aid

The United Kingdom will provide more than $ 400,000 million in aid

The liberal United Kingdom, despite having a conservative government, has disguised itself as a socialist to counter the economic impact of the epidemic. It has already invested 63,000 million euros in paying workers’ wages in troubled companies (and compensates the self-employed for the losses lost), and the National Statistics Office estimates that the final bill, if things are not complicated, will double that figure. The cost of this assistance is estimated to be the total cost if additional funding for public health in response to the epidemic stops receiving self-employment equivalent assistance and treasury taxes. For the state it would exceed ,000 400,000 million.

The bulk of state aid is popularly known as the “employment retention plan.” Furlow Eighty percent of the salaries of permanent workers, up to 2,900 euros a month (the rest, the company) are paid by the government. A company can include the entire staff or any part of it in that formula (restaurants, for example, following the diet of certain employees). The employer pays the salary and the Ministry of Finance immediately refunds. This will continue until next September.

As many as 11.5 million workers have so far benefited from this formula, as do temporary employment regulation files. It currently has a population of 4.7 million Furlow , Because all the essential shops, pubs, restaurants, cinemas, theaters, gyms and hairdressers are closed before Christmas. In the first prison, when the epidemic broke out, less than half of the evidence was that businesses knew how to adapt better.

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Most companies that return to government aid are small, with two to four workers. Of those with more than 250 employees, only 9% of their employees are enrolled in the program. In terms of sectors, tourism and catering are the most lucrative (68% of its employees). Arts and Culture will receive 1. 1.9 billion. More women than men have entered the ERD, and the main age group is young people between the ages of 25 and 34.