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Thousands of Londoners marched to the police headquarters

Thousands of Londoners marched to the police headquarters

Since 33-year-old Sarah Everard was found dead, the mood in Britain has been disturbed. Police officer Wayne Cousins ​​is in custody, on suspicion of their murder, and a memorial service is held on Saturday.

But when the police tried to interrupt him, referring to Corona’s restrictions, a quarrel broke out. Several women were taken from there – and much angered the harsh treatment of the police.

The widespread photos show the police’s rude behavior.

Require the resignation of the chief of police

So, about 1,500 Britons took to the streets on Sunday to march against New Scotland Yard, the London police headquarters.

Votes were raised in favor of the resignation of Police Chief Cressida Dick. Refuse. In an interview with Small mirror dick That “an illegal assembly is an illegal assembly.”

Pictures of the protest.

picture: David Cliff / Noor Photo / Shutterstock / TT News

Pictures of the protest.

picture: David Cliff / Norphoto / Shutterstock / David Cliff / Norphoto / Shutterstock Shutterstock

Pictures of the protest.

picture: Matthew Chat / Shutterstock / Matthew Chatel / Shutterstock Shutterstock

An investigation into the actions of the police has been opened and should be completed within two days, The Guardian writes.

Johnson calls for loneliness

Prime Minister Boris Johnson commented on the situation ahead of the Sunday protests.

On Monday, he said he would meet with a number of government representatives to pave the way for curbing violence against women.

“The death of Sarah Everard should unite us in our desire to dispel violence against women and girls, and to make sure that all bodies of the justice system work to protect them,” Johnson said. daily Mail.

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