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Peter Bronsmann is said to be on his way to an English club

Peter Bronsmann is said to be on his way to an English club

Tonight everything will be decided when it comes to the future of Gothenburg FC. BK Häcken will hold an additional annual meeting where the issue of taking over JRC operations is on the agenda. On Thursday, JRC members will do the same.

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President Peter Bronsmann would leave the new Swedish champions if GFC became part of Hisingen’s ball club. It was he who, through many years of patronage, took the champions to become heroes, but now his interest and participation in the union must be phased out very slowly.

However, Peter Bronsmann shouldn’t have left football altogether. According to GP information, it is fitting that he joined one of the English clubs in the highest streak on the women’s side. It was this Sportblade The first to rewrite.

Sportbladet wrote that the role of Bronsmann is unknown, but there must have been a desire to bring in a team from Gothenburg Football Club.

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Peter Bronsman refuses

When GP reached Peter Bronsmann on Wednesday, he said the information he will be when he takes over the management of an English club is incorrect.

I have nothing going on in England. This is one hundred percent correct. He says that the truth in this is zero.

The acquisition will be placed in light of the large UK market for Peter Bronsman Kopparbergs bryggeri. The company already has a strong position in the country and joining a football club could add more.

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The club that will be relevant is Reading FC, according to GP information. Peter Bronsmann will be one of a number of investors who are planning to do something together by investing in the club.

When Peter Bronsmann was asked if Reading was the club in question, the GFC chairman denied this.

– I can say with all my heart that I haven’t even gone to read. I know where it is, but that’s because the train stops there. There is nothing in this, he says.

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