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Criticism for track in Fallon - after the World Cup in cross country skiing

Criticism for track in Fallon – after the World Cup in cross country skiing

There was a lot of falls during the freestyle race yesterday in Fallon. In the collective start on Saturday, the continuous skaters have problems getting on their feet.

Initially it was Andrew Musgrave who fell and pulled several skaters with him in the accident. Among other things, the superstar Alexander Bolshonov fell and lost the lead.

After completion, Musgrave was noticeably upset with the race and threw the poles into the ground.

Andrew Musgrave after the race.

“The season is over for him.”

Just minutes after the first crash, the next accident arrived. At that time the consequences became more serious. Briton Andrew Young went straight across a billboard in downhill skiing. The accident was followed by several skiers.

– Oh oh, how small she really is, shouts Blomquist and continues:

No, there are a lot of crashes.

Young was forced to leave the race in an ambulance after the terrible accident.

– Yes it is true. The young men had to go to the hospital. UK coach Hans Christian Stadheim says I don’t know how things are going with him and I shouldn’t comment on that, but he’s derailed and injured in the leg.

Musgrave was not aware of the incident when SportExpressen spoke to him after completion.

– Fa? Is he infected? Now I have to run and see what happened, he says.

British national team captain Justin Fingeroy criticizes the integrity of the curves.

– This is hopeless, the race should not be running. “We were afraid of this before the race,” Fengero says.

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Immediately after the race, he was afraid that Young had broken his thigh bone, but during the evening, good news came out that nothing should be broken.

Banana swipe

Many critical voices are now being raised against the track in Fallon.

– The slope of the slope and this curve is very difficult when there are extreme conditions when you come alone. Anders Blomquist, SVT expert, says if you get 50-60 runners like they were today, it’s like calling for bangs.

Scandal scenes in Fallon. You should not be able to drive through signs and injure yourself on a clearly dangerous slope!, Writes Norwegian TV2 expert Petter S Skinstad on Twitter.

This is dangerous, says Norway coach Eric Mir Nasoum.

Chaos is a good description, often chaos. We were expecting it, 15 kilometers from the classic block starting very quickly before. Eric Valence, who was involved in the horrific accident, says fast lanes only mean the risk of more chaos.

“It was scary to go”

The Swedish team also testifies to a dangerous race.

– It was dangerous. People flew everywhere, says Bjorn Sandstrom.

We were worried the whole time about a Swedish player being injured, says national team director Anders Bystrom.

How do you feel before the women’s race?

– Small heart in the throat, you wish there was no big collision.

Soon Alexander Bolshonov ascended and scored another World Cup victory. He is also critical of the cycle.

Fis have to think about the kind of courses we should start with collectively.

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– It was scary to go through parts of the race.

Fis responds to the criticism

Pierre Minnery, Fis’ competition director, admits that they are worried about Sunday’s competitions.

After what happened today, of course, we are worried about the sprint tomorrow. We will now review the course to increase security. This is the most important thing now, he says.

What do you say about criticism?

– I have only heard this through you in the media, and I have to speak directly with the leaders and the skaters. But I understand a lot of the criticism is that we collectively started the tournaments here in Fallon – but my answer is that these are actually World Cup tournaments.

Mignerey continues:

We at Fis always have a responsibility, but I don’t think now is the time to talk about things like this at the moment. The important thing is to find solutions to the problem – not to look for whom to blame.

Britain’s national team captain Justin Fingeroy said they had sounded the alarm even before the start.

– It’s not something I’ve ever heard of.

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