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This would please Putin and Xi

This would please Putin and Xi

John Bolton warns Americans against electing Trump again.

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Bolton writes that Trump is motivated only by a desire for revenge.

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John Bolton is a traditional Republican. He was George W. Bush's ambassador to the United Nations and was considered a “hawk” on foreign affairs. But when Trump called, he came. During a tumultuous year and a half he was Trump's national security adviser, where conflicts often arose over Iran and North Korea, among other issues, before he left office.

Bolton later wrote a book about his time in the White House, in which he harshly criticized Trump. It's The Room Where It Happened, now reprinted with a new introduction, in which Bolton warns the American people against electing Trump again.

“There is a mountain of evidence that he is unfit to be president. If the first four years were bad, the second four years will be even worse.”

John Bolton: Biden and Trump are bad choices

Bolton is, in part, concerned that Trump will only use his position to retaliate against anyone he believes has wronged him. He also fears that he will pursue a policy of extreme isolationism that could push the United States to leave NATO, cut off aid to Ukraine, and dare China to invade Taiwan.

“It's a battle between Putin and Xi Jinping over who will be the happiest with his return,” Bolton writes.

But John Bolton is not happy with the second major candidate in the presidential election either.

“We will have two candidates, at least it seems right now, as no one deserves to be president,” he told CNN's Caitlin Collins.

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When asked if he still didn't think the United States would be safer with Biden as president, he replied:

-If you have two bad choices, and neither of them is satisfactory, there is no right answer.

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