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Niger expels the French ambassador

Niger expels the French ambassador

The reason is that the ambassador refused to attend a meeting with the Foreign Ministry on Friday, as well as “other actions on the part of France that run counter to Niger’s interests.” It appears from a letter to the French government.

The announcement comes after a series of hostile statements and protests against France, after the military junta ousted pro-Western President Mohamed Bazoum in late July.

The military council accuses France of planning a military intervention to restore Bazoum to his post, which France denied.

The French response stated that “the coup plotters in Niger do not have the authority” to expel the ambassador. The French Foreign Ministry added: “We are constantly evaluating and monitoring security and operations at the embassy.”

France has about 1,500 soldiers in the country who helped Bazoum fight the jihadists.

The previous information that the military council also provided similar information regarding the ambassadors of Germany, Nigeria and the United States is incorrect, according to Agence France-Presse.

The US State Department told Reuters that it had not received any request from Niger that the US ambassador should leave the country.

A source in the military council told Reuters that only Niger asked the French ambassador to leave Niger.

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