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This is how Tre Kronor will reach the World Cup Finals in Riga, Latvia

This is how Tre Kronor will reach the World Cup Finals in Riga, Latvia

The team Hockey WC as we knew it, with 16 teams divided into two groups, went into effect prior to the Domestic Championship in 2012 in Stockholm.

Since then, the trend has been clear for the top four teams in each group that qualified for the play-off rounds: It takes two numbers in the points column to reach the quarter-finals.

The lowest score rated as qualifying ready was ten points, and was scored in three tournaments: 2013, 2015 and 2016.

In other words, Tre Kronor needs to score two points per match during the remaining five rounds of the group game.

We have to get back to our game and believe in it. Then we have to score our chances. We played better against Belarus than Denmark. Unfortunately we did not get piracy against Belarus. “We have to play our game and try to gain confidence and belief in what we are doing,” says Johan Garpenlov.

The best nations await

For the Swedish part, the toughest matches remain in the group stage. Tre Kronor has yet to meet Russia, Switzerland, Slovakia and the Czech Republic.

In addition to these national teams, Sweden will face Great Britain.

The first confrontation awaits Tuesday, when Switzerland faces the opposition.

Fed captain Garpinlov made it clear after the loss to Belarus that there was not much time to change directions and detail the game’s tactics.

It’s hard to train something, but we have to show players what we did to see what works and what doesn’t. We had a few days before the tournament where we had our game with and without puck. When you have seven matches in nine days, there isn’t much to work with in training.

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“We must start believing in what we are doing.”

Striker Oskar Lindberg believes Sweden can recharge and start collecting points later in the group match.

– not finished yet. We do not think these ideas (miss the playoffs), there is a lot of play.

Garpenlöv tries to be positive:

I know we have enough quality to beat all the teams, but we have to start believing in what we’re doing.

Table of matches for the Three Chronors

Tuesday, May 25: Sweden Switzerland

Thursday, May 27: Sweden and the Czech Republic

Friday, May 28: Sweden and Great Britain

Sunday, May 30: Sweden and Slovakia

Monday, May 31: Sweden and Russia