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Sophie Hanson is fifth in the final

Sophie Hanson is fifth in the final

But it was close. Sophie Hanson was only nine hundred bronze medals. 30.31 is also a new personal record.

But nobody in the starting line-up can do anything about Benedetta Pilato. The Italian phenomenon set a world record the other day at 29.30 and swam in the final at 29.35.

Sophie Hanson won the gold in the European Championships in the 100 meters released on Tuesday and is thus a candidate for the medal at the Olympic Games this summer. Breaststroke 50 meters is not included in the Olympic program.

Junveik set a new personal record

The other Swedish woman in the final round, Sarah Gonevek, came sixth in the final in the 50 meters butterfly. It was 55 per cent behind the Netherlands’ Ranome Kromwedjogo gold.

Junevik time 25.84 is a new personal record with 15 part per cent.

Later in the evening, the Swedes were only 24 percent away from taking bronze in the 4×100-meter medley race, but they finally had to take fourth place.

Great Britain managed to reclaim the gold at 3.54.01, a new record time in the context of the European Championship and more than two seconds faster than the silver medalists from Russia. Italy swam home on the bronze.

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