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Omroni guide for the May 25 tour

Omroni guide for the May 25 tour



It’s not a “fun” nail in terms of streak distribution, but the class difference is hard to go over here. Belarus should win.



This match series is very reminiscent of the Nashville Core franchise where it started out weak and then came back strong. Never underestimate the will of the guests.

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Match to match

1. Switzerland – Sweden 2

A difficult meeting where Sweden has a better team on paper but Switzerland is more united and has done better so far. Trace the line distribution!

Finland – Norway 1

Everything really speaks of a Finn victory, but they lost points to Kazakhstan. The Finns have had problems scoring goals so if the Norway goalkeeper plays big, there is hope for points.

3. Montreal – Toronto 2

Toronto were the favorites before the series of matches but that seems to be the case. Toronto has three really powerful attack chains so you get your starting advice.

4. Carolina – Nashville 2

Carolina looked to win the series of matches with ease as initial advice from nearly all the experts had said, but Nashville was back from 0-2 down after two wins in overtime. Momentum with the guests.

5. Russia – Denmark 1

Russia is the clear golden favorites in the tournament and has done what it must do so far. Denmark has played well and has many big names like Boedker and Jensen in the team.

6- Kazakhstan – Germany 2

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Both teams were really strong during the start of the group match. A playoff here may be at stake. Early guard!

Belarus – UK 1

Great Britain is the worst team in the tournament and it shows. Belarus will be in control of the game and it’s more about how big the numbers are than if you were to win.

8. Canada – Norway 1

Canada has been a major disappointment so far in the tournament. Admittedly, they haven’t sent out a very good team, but in terms of expectations the team is still noticeably underperforming.


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