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This is how Queen Elizabeth celebrates the 70th anniversary of her accession to the throne

Platinum will be a crack party with anniversary concerts and parades

This weekend, Queen Elizabeth’s 70th birthday is celebrated on the throne.

The party program includes concerts with world artists, a grand parade and a folk festival in the streets and squares.

The party is said to be the largest and most expensive royal party in British history.

On February 6, Queen Elizabeth became the longest-serving monarch in Britain. Then broke the old record of Queen Victoria.

70 years of community service are celebrated throughout the year, but June 2 and 5 will be the highlight of the “Platinum Weekend” festivities. Then his birthday is also celebrated.

The big party begins Thursday with Trooping the Color, one of the largest military parades in the world. 1200 soldiers, 240 horses and 400 musicians take part and the RAF flight concludes with a flying event.

Queen Elizabeth Buckingham Palace celebrates with a grand parade, street parties and a thunderous party concert.

Prince William accepts the mission

But in the end, it is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. After illness and inconvenience, the queen reduced her duties. The court has announced that the Queen will receive greetings from the balcony of Buckingham Palace instead of landing on the ground in the cavalry parade. This is the first time this has happened.

Queen Elizabeth has attended trooping every year since she became Queen in 1952, except during the 1955 train strike.

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Prince William assumes an important role and receives greetings on horseback with Prince Charles and Princess Anne.

Prince William is a Royal Colonel in the Irish Guard Regiment and is training with his horse George in full uniform, including a large fur hat.

After the parade, the rest of the royal family comes out on the balcony, but this year only working members wander towards the crowd. Prince Andrew, Prince Harry and Megan Markle were not allowed to attend.

After the Trooping the Color military parade, the entire royal family gathers on the balcony of Buckingham Palace. Only Prince Harry, Megan and Prince Andrew were not allowed to join. According to the court, only working royalties this year will be allowed to stand there.

The most expensive party in the world

Shortly after Thursday, more than 1,500 maintenance boxes were burned across the UK and Commonwealth to mark the day.

On Friday, the Queen and her family will attend a Thanksgiving service at St. Paul’s Cathedral.

But everyone charges for Saturday, which is a big party day. In the morning, the royal family gathers to watch the gallop matches at the Derby in Epsom Towns. The Queen loves horses and equestrian sports and is involved in breeding herself.

In the evening, the King of Records celebrates with a thunder and bang party at Buckingham Palace – the “Platinum Party at the Palace”. The BBC broadcasts the biggest live concert, where the world’s greatest artists court the Queen off stage.

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Buckingham Palace has three large interconnected platforms built and is estimated to accommodate 22,000 visitors.

For 2.5 hours, viewers and millions of TV viewers will watch stars such as Queen, Alicia Keys, Craig David, Duran Duran, Tina Ross, Rod Stewart and Andrea Bocelli.

A few days before Trooping the Color, Prince William can be seen training with other soldiers near Buckingham Palace.

The magnificent parade reflects the life of the Queen

– I am proud to have met the Queen many times in my life, even with family. Her Majesty has always been a wonderful inspiration to many around the world, and Diana Rose said in a statement that she was thrilled when she was invited to perform at such an important and historic event.

Also link to David Attenborough, David Beckham, Stephen Fry, Julie Andrews, The Royal Ballet and Elton John.

Sunday ends the weekend with a huge parade across the country and annual lunches.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson recently paid tribute to the so-called Elizabeth the Great in Parliament.

– No king in our history has ever served this country so long, but most importantly, no king has ever served so well.

Queen Elizabeth celebrates 70 years on the throne with a grand royal banquet in early June 2022.

Queen’s Anniversary Weekend

All times are local time.

  • Thursday
    10.00 Trooping the Colors – One of the largest military parades in the world with 1200 soldiers, 240 horses and 400 musicians. The event ends with the RAF aircraft flying.
    10.30 The entire royal family gathers on the balcony of Buckingham Palace.
    More than 1,500 maintenance boxes will be burned across the UK and the Commonwealth.
  • Friday
    11.00 Thanksgiving service at St. Paul’s Cathedral. The whole royal family is in place, the queen in everyday form.
  • Saturday
    16.30 Horse racing in Epsom Towns.
    20.00 pm A grand concert is organized at Buckingham Palace at the “Platinum Party at the Palace”. Elton John, Duran Duran, Diana Rose, Queen, Alicia Keys, Craig David and Rod Stewart were some of those who paid homage to the Queen’s 70 – year throne.
  • Sunday
    Lunches and banquets across the country and around the world organized by 6,000 volunteers. The longest and largest street party is expected to break records.
    14.30 The grand parade with theater companies, puppets, warriors and the royal family will reflect the Queen’s 70th year throne. More than 10,000 people, including members of the armed forces, took part in the march. The queen’s golden state chariot is placed first in the procession, but she does not sit in it or participate in the procession.

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