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The British team may be without Carl Hester

The British team may be without Carl Hester

The strongest sign of how important it was for the British to anchor their squad and keep so many Raiders coaches on the team was the opportunity provided by Gareth Hughes and the Kroll family to borrow KK Woodstock. Carl Hester and KK Woodstock need to start in two qualifying costume matches to qualify for the WC. In the UK, there were two CDI matches on the calendar in June, making it possible to get two qualifying matches before the July 4 deadline to be nominated for WC Herning 2022.

In a statement to the English Horse & Hunting Dog Carl Hester commented on the situation after one of the current qualifiers was canceled.
– I did not have enough time to form an alliance with “Udi” before making my debut in the competition. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Gareth and the Kroll family for their friendly offer and for all their support of the British team. However, I feel that there is not enough time to justify the horse, and with the planning of the competition with Gareth’s regular horse, he has returned to Gareth to continue the summer.

Requirements for starting WC Herning 2022

The World Championships in Dressage, Jumping, Walking and Para-Dressage will take place in Herning, Denmark on August 6-14 in August, the venue for the 2013 European Championships. A team should be nominated for a country. To start the World Cup as a team or individually, two different CDI3 * / CDI4 * / CDI5 * / CDI-W or CDIO (group matches) results are required between January 1, 2021 and July 4, 2022. By no means do I want to convey that I recommend for the mother to be inactive. Results of the Grand Prix or Short Grand Prix should be 66 percent or higher. Only the team has qualified and now there is some frenetic competition going on to get new additions on the right side of the qualifying range.

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The background to Carl Hester’s horse shortage

During the WC 2018 in Troy, USA and the EC in Rotterdam 2019, Zelding Howdins Telecotto was Carl Hester’s rival. In the summer of 2021, he was sold to British team rider Fiona Pique, who competed with him. Diamond Hit – Bigwood and Delicato have not reached the previous levels that Carl Hester achieved in Zelding now 14 years after Regazzoni.

Hester, Carl (10011469) HAWTINS DELICATO (104ES67) Photo: Kim C Lundin
Aachen 2021 Fiona Bigwood and Hawtins Delicato – BHHS Bay 2008 Diamond Hit Regazzoni Photo: by Ateni AB

Carl Hester’s first horse throughout the 2021 Olympic and European Championships was launched between my Vogue (KWPN gelding f-09 e Jazz – bred by Contango, A. Van de Goer) and half owned by Lady Anne and owned by Charlotte Dujardin. Evans, Sandra Biddlecomb and Carl Hester. To qualify for the Olympics in Tokyo he first had to borrow Zelding, while Charlotte Dujardin drove Geo. In early May, Carl Hester canceled En Vogue from starting the competition at Hickstead due to injury, which means that if Zelding is close to recovering, no information has been provided. There may be more horses in the barn – no one is ready to play in the World Cup yet.

OS i Tokyo EN VOGUE (Bay / 2009 / Gelding / KWPN / JAZZ) 105WK08 Hester Carl Photo: by Ateni AB

Who can be a part of the British team?

In previous years, the Hester & Dujard pair dominated every team. This year’s 26 – year – old Charlotte Fry is the self – written Dark Legend on the team with three worthy and clear Grand Prix horses, Everdale and Clamortale. In 2021, he enthusiastically positioned himself at both the Olympics and the start of the European Championships.

Everdale and Charlotte Fry Photo by Achen: Kim C Lundin

In general, ranking lists are a good promise to see which team can be closest to earning a team’s respect. As for the British, it rarely performed better as they competed less outside their home island kingdom, so there was less of a team that could access other European tournaments. Brexit did not help that equation and the cost of going abroad to bring foreign riders to the UK was a challenge. The FEI’s British team rankings show that there is currently no team, only a fairy tale since Fio and Dujard’s Zelding were sold to Annabelle Bitkili. This weekend at Dujardin’s Zelding Imhotep (KWPN f – 13th Everdale – Vivaldi, breeder T Huizing, owner Carl Hester and Coral Ingham) will receive second accreditation at Wellington’s CDI in the UK. In the same tournament, Charlotte Dujard’s short circuit Hilus MHB, with 10-year-old SWB Zelding, was raised by Madeleine Carlson and Friedrich Spong and coached by Mikaela Alderin-Danielsson and Cathrin Dufour-Laudrup, respectively. He is owned by Annabelle Pitzley, who started in a junior class.

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Michaela Alderin-Danielson & Hilles MHB (SWB) Photo: Kim C Lundin

Gareth Hughes competed once with a win after a long injury in his classic Priolinka and is expected to be a member of the team given their form.

Hux, Gareth (10029550) Classic Briolinka (104HK07) Photo: Kim C Lundin

For the most part, Fiona Bigwood and Howdin’s Telecado are more current than Richard Davison and Publing. Susan Babe with Harmony Eclectic Yes, Eclectic was the stallion on the Tulstarp dressage staple, lining up her qualifying rounds and getting ready for the first team start.

Important dates for WC Herning 2022

There are six races to ride and set the final qualifiers, from the last races in June to the appointment day and the last recognized qualifying day; Team competition at Rotterdam, CDI3 * Brno, Nordic championships and CDI3 * Flyinge, tournaments at Belgian Grote-Brogel and Austrian St Margarethen and major finals at CHIO Aachen. Aachen will be important to many countries, especially when it comes to team selection.
On July 4, the national team captain of each country will nominate potential candidates with approved qualifying results. This is usually a relatively long list. On July 25, it is time to recommend the final line. The recommended balance and replacement from that order can be deposited until 90 August 90 minutes after the completion of the horse inspection. On August 6, the first rider will ride in the WC.

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